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Dynamix II

Dynamix II was an electro group founded 1986 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The current members of the group are David Noller and Scott Weiser, although the original team was Noller and Lon "Ace in the Place" Alonzo. The duo took their name from the Dynamix mixing board used in the production of their first single. Noller got his start spinning in clubs in the 1980s, where he used a vocoder and played samples over dance music using an Emulator. After graduating from high school in 1985, he attended the Full Sail School for the Recording Arts in Orlando, Florida where he earned his degree in recording arts. In 1986, he signed to Bass Station Records in Miami and founded Dynamix II. Noller and Alonzo soon released "Just Give the DJ a Break". The song went gold, selling over 600,000 copies in America to date. Noller and Alonzo released only one further single before dissolving their partnership. Noller retained the Dynamix title, briefly partnered with Claudio Barrella, releasing one album solo, and finally teamed with Scott Weiser. Weiser had played piano since the age of six and synthesizers since the early 1980s. They decided to build a recording studio and bring together their collection of drum machines, samplers and analog equipment. Together, Noller and Weiser released electronic dance music for over a decade. The duo is going through a revival because of the resurgence of electro music. Their older songs have been sampled by bands like EON, The Cotton Club and The Chemical Brothers. Albums * Dynamix II: The Album (1990) * You Hear It! You Fear It! (1992) * Bass Planet (1993) * Machine Language (1993) * Electro Bass Compilation, Vol. 1 (1994) * Color Beats Collection, Vol. 1 (1994) Edit Artist Info

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