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Lootpack is an American hip hop group signed to Stones Throw Records. Though they were together since high school, the Hip Hop group; Lootpack - Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes - first made their presence known in 1994. Their first vinyl came out in 1996, Ill Psych Move EP on a label called the Crate Digger's Palace; founded by Madlib's father, Otis Jackson Sr.

After this 12" they caught the attention of Stones Throw-founder Peanut Butter Wolf, producer and DJ. Eventually the three of them signed for Stones Throw leading to their 1999 release of Soundpieces: Da Antidote. A follow up has not been released, but all three of them has collaborated on other projects and recorded solo records. For example DJ Romes released the Hamburger Hater Breaks record in 2001, Madlib made his concept-albums as Quasimoto and YNQ. Wildchild's own Secondary Protocol from 2003 featuring all Lootpack members and more, is the closest thing to a second Lootpack album.

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